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heckyeahbucksexton replied to your quote “You can’t spell Sexton without No Sex.”

Wait was Buck on last night???

si senorita and it was a good show.

I was up when it was on. But unfortunately my whole family was up too and my dad changed the…

Exactly :( it’s not that I don’t love Greta—she’s a wonderful sweet woman but uhhhh I just can’t really stand listening to hear talk for an hour.

AND THEN I SAW GREGS BEAUTIFUL RED EYES POP UP ON THE TV AND BOOM my dad switched the channel to Jimmy Fallon.

I wonder how many people DVR red eye….

Me! It’s on at 1 here vs. 3 but I haven’t stayed up to watch in forever so DVR is a wonderful thing.

Anonymous asked:

What do you think Andy Levy is doing right at this moment?



Well, you’re not being very attentive to him if that’s true.




anessawolf teamputvedev ronpaulproblems


This makes so much more sense now.

lolololol once the others see their messages they will be confused too. I’m trying to get a perfect confusal rate.

Yeeeeeeah, you can add me to the list, then. ;)

Also, Remy’s pretty awesome.

It was about time for an avatar change. I think everyone will approve.

Anonymous asked:

You have been visited by the Dianne Feinstein irony fairy. It's like a cheap healthcare plan that you just can't afford.

Well hello, Dianne!




Watching Joe Machi on Last Comic Standing! :)

He’s moving on to the final five!

Watching Joe Machi on Last Comic Standing! :)

Lesson 3: Humor
The secret to humor is; brutal honesty, with some vulnerability on top, and then just a sprinkling of insightful commentary. (x)

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