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Update on my professor:
How is it even possible for one person to look more and more like Baker every day?

I see what you did there.

I don’t like you. And I just want to like, get that out there.

—Will Rahn to Greg Gutfeld (via heckyeahbucksexton)


Sorry for the terrible quality, I couldn’t find this episode online. Truer words have never been spoken.


so where should I include “co-president of the Mike Baker fanclub” on my resume?

#obviously as the title



it’s time for red eye, the high

in late-night entertainment

red eye, untie

the houseboy in your basement

"It’s the show that understands me."


christian-libertarian asked:

Why would you celebrate Greg's birthday? Maybe instead send a letter for his teen corner!



I really should omg

OMG, guise we should actually send “Teen Corner” letters in…

That would actually be awesome if they were real letters! Maybe he’d read them a la the old Male Time. :)


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